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Dec 09, 2009
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Ole Bull and folk music

Ole Bull and folk music by Håkon Asheim

Jan 04, 2010

Ole Bull was an ardent devotee of Norwegian folk music. This both due to his personal familiarity with it and because he himself could play the Hardanger fiddle.

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A Bull's Life

A Bull's Life by Maria Tripodianos

Dec 21, 2009

A short biography of an exciting, eventful and long life.

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Ole Bull’s Villa Lysøen

Ole Bull’s Villa Lysøen by Trond Indahl

Nov 23, 2009

In the summer of 1872, Ole Bull is 62 years old and his new bride, the 22-year-old Sara Thorpe, has recently given birth to their child. Bull is in search of a new home for his family and finds it in Lysøen.

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Ole Bull – “an enthusiastic partisan of liberty and free institutions”

Ole Bull – “an enthusiastic partisan of liberty and free institutions” by Harald Herresthal

Sep 03, 2009

Until the end of the 18th century, artists generally had to make their living in the service of the Church or the Court. However, after the French Revolution and the rise of the Romantic school, their status rose from obidient servants of the establishment to being exaltet for their genius.

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If Ole Bull had been born without arms, what a rank he would have taken among the poets--because it is in him, & if he couldn't violin it out, he would talk it out, since of course it would have to come out.

– Mark Twain